Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Cases for the iPhone 5 Are Here!

Cases for the new iPhone have arrived and the Zazzle gremlins have been extra busy creating cool new designs for them. Plus, over the next few days, all the previously created designs for the iPhone 4 will be automatically transferred over to the new iPhone specs, so we'll have all of them, too. An abundance of riches!

As you've no doubt heard, the new iPhone is proportionately longer and leaner than its predecessors. Most designs are converting easily, but some will need a slight adjustment to conform to the new dimensions. The designers should have everything tweaked to perfection quickly, but if you're one of the first to get a customized case for a new iPhone, be sure and click "customize" before checkout and look closely for anything a little off kilter. You can select the design component in question and move it by clicking the arrows. Hold down the control key (for PC) or the command key if you're on a Mac to move by tiny increments. Chances are no adjusting will be needed, but if you notice something slipping, most likely off to the side due to the narrower aspect ratio, it's easy to nudge it back into place.

With all the excitement surrounding this release, you can count on finding tons of new designs over the next few weeks, so check back often to see the latest.

Here are some fun iPhone 5 cases and a few that may have not been transferred over yet, but you can count on them being converted over the next couple of days.

Grunge Guitar
Grunge Guitar by pixelholic
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Musical Duet Blue Iphone 4 Case Musical Duet Blue Iphone 4 Case by johampton Check out other custom cases at

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