Saturday, September 29, 2012

Musical Mousepads (And a few more iPhone 5 Cases)

Mousepads are fun gifts. They take well to art, both abstract and pictures, and both photos and illustrations. Plus, they're inexpensive and pretty much everyone with a computer uses them. If there's a message you want to remind yourself of everyday, customize your favorite mousepad by adding the text, then you'll see that message several times a day on something you like. Most products on Zazzle allow you to add your own text or pictures, and there's hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from.

Here are some fun music-themed mousepads, and since anything I've posted with iPhone 5 cases has been wildly popular, I'll keep throwing a few in while I work on my next big collection to share.

Oud Mousepad
Oud Mousepad by Bebops
Check out more mouse pad.

Purple Guitarist Bear. Gel Mouse Pads
Purple Guitarist Bear. Gel Mouse Pads by Metarla_Music
View another mousepad online at

JAZZ MOUSEPADS by dgpaulart
Create photo mouse pads at

music speaks mousepad
music speaks mousepad by volume25
Create your own customizable mouse pads online at Zazzle.

We just can't get enough of the new iPhone 5, so here's a few music cases.There are almost 3000 of them at Zazzle already, and more coming every day, so we'll keep bringing them to you.

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