Friday, January 11, 2013

Music Themed Sleeves for Your Favorite Electronics

from Gifts for Musicians

It's amazing how crucial computers and electronics have become to musicians. We record, compose, synthesize and then effortlessly share music with a sweep and a click. Technology has completely revolutionized the music industry. It used to be a trip to the recording studio would run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, making it inaccessible to most aspiring musicians. These days, if you can write and play a song, you can record it and share it with the world. At least some of the world, anyway. The same technology that makes recording possible for almost anyone has flooded the music hungry public with an almost inconceivable amount of new music to listen to, some of it awe inspiring and some of it downright awful. But, beauty is in the ear of the beholder, right? There's something out there for everyone, the challenge now is finding it.

So if you're a musician these days you probably highly value your laptop or iPad. (Unless you've got the full on home studio set up, ;-) And nothing feels quite like the tragic feeling of your precious electronics being damaged . . . especially before you've had a chance to back up your files! If you're going to carry something that important around with you, you not only want it to look cool, you want to protect that crucial equipment from damage, cosmetic or otherwise. So if you or any musicians you know got a new laptop or iPad from Santa this year, a stylish, music-themed protective sleeve and/or laptop bag is just the thing to go with it. Preferably sooner rather later before those first little scratches or hard drive-jarring thumps.

So once again, we scoured the depths of Zazzle for the newest and coolest musical laptop and tablet sleeves and bags and show them off here. There are as many styles as there are artists so, no matter your taste, there ought to be something that appeals. When you see the one that speaks (or sings?) to you, you'll know it. You can find these and thousands more music-themed sleeves, bags, cases and skins at our shop Gifts for Musicians. New items added daily so drop by often. Find your style and share it with the world. Let us know what you picked out and why.

Guitar Pick iPad Sleeve
Guitar Pick iPad Sleeve by SpoofingTheArts
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Rustic Country Music Guitar iPad Sleeves
Rustic Country Music Guitar iPad Sleeves by IAmTrending
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Spanish Guitar Commuter Bags
Spanish Guitar Commuter Bags by QuickBrownFox
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Digital piano keyboard laptop messenger bag
Digital piano keyboard laptop messenger bag by igorsin
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Guitar City Computer Bag
Guitar City Computer Bag by andrefaubert
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Musical Notes Laptop Bag
Musical Notes Laptop Bag by greetingsbyraneydays
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Musical Explosion Laptop Bag
Musical Explosion Laptop Bag by Iggys_World
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