Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cool New Music T-Shirts from "Gifts for Musicians" and

There's a whole bunch of new flavors available when it comes to T-shirts on Zazzle. Plus a variety of new colors to try them on, each particular to brand and style so that's a lot to try out. Some designs work a lot better on colored Tees than others, and some look spectacular on certain colors and just wrong on different ones. Shirts in light or pastel colors, and even many medium range colors, will take on the tones of the shirt. Whites will become the light blue, yellow, green or lavender of the shirt, and light tones in the design may also take on the hue of the background, which can make everything feel harmonious when it works, and just a little off when it doesn't. Black and dark colored shirts are another matter, though. Whites should stay a crisp white in contrast to the dark shades and light or bright elements in the design should retain their true hues and stay light or bright. This allows for a lot more contrast and can let the design stand out and be noticed.

Here's another round of great music shirts from Zazzle, including some of our latest designs. Everything is available on any color or style you want, but if you're thinking about changing a design on a black or white shirt to a colored one, take a good close look at it on each color to see how it all blends together.

For more great Gifts for Musicians, be sure and check out our store, with thousands of designs on nearly a hundred different products. There still plenty of time to order gifts and be assured they'll arrive on time, but don't put it off, or instead of discovering thousands of cool products from the comfort of your own home, you'll be doing the last minute scrounge for remains in the crowded, holiday-worn malls. (And asking yourself, "Why didn't I get something on that cool website instead putting myself through this again?")

Music #1 t-shirt
Music #1 t-shirt by TsByJan
Make your t-shirts custom on zazzle.

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