Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cool Music Posters

Music themed artwork is a good thing to consider when shopping for something your favorite musician will enjoy, but you should be familiar with their musical taste, as well as their taste in art and fashion. The variety of music posters available spans almost every imaginable style of art, from brightly colored sixties psychedelics to abstract, modern paintings to minimalist black and white photography. There is music art related to jazz, blues, rock, metal, reggae, classical, new-age ambient, techno dance music and even music theory. And then, of course, every instrument has its own special set of fans.

So if you're thinking about adding to a music fan's art collection, start with whatever instrument they play and find out who their current favorite bands or artists are. Then take a look at what they have decorating their walls now, and look for certain styles or genres of art, as well. Do they collect 1960s style psychedelic album art, or do they lean toward close up photos of favorite artists? What does the rest of their space look like? Is it colorful and exotic or filled with classic shapes and muted colors? Do you see anything like leopard skin bedspreads and black feather boas? Or a bean bag chair surrounded by computers and gaming paraphernalia? When they go out with friends, (especially if it's to jam or see a concert,) are they wearing tie-dye, all black with metal chains, or jeans and a T-shirt? Or maybe something more like a dark collared shirt and a classic 1940s style hat? Whatever their style, be it just the latest of many experiments in identity design or the same old things they've been wearing most of their life, it shows what they currently feel comfortable in, We all like to dress and surround ourselves with things that make us feel comfortable. It's the modern way to express our personality and make a statement about who we are, who we're not, and where we see ourselves fitting in to our current collective culture. It is true that Image is especially important in the music industry, but I'm talking here about a more basic essential human characteristic, not one exclusive to musicians. How we dress and how we decorate our home (as well as how we decorate our electronics, cases, accessories and luggage, (and even our pets) says something about how we see ourselves and what part of modern culture we identify with.

Unless you're buying a gift for someone you barely know, (in which case I'd advise asking the people closer to them) it shouldn't be hard to get a feeling about their interests and style, and today, it's easy to find just about anything on a print on demand store like Zazzle, where they have millions of searchable designs on hundreds of products, most of which you can customize.

A certain amount of the magic of finding the perfect gifts is just plain old common sense. It's not hard to figure out that a sophisticated jazz lover probably won't feel thrilled (let alone understood) by the gift of a black T-shirt covered with skulls and skeletons. It's the same with the once sweet little girl who now as a teenager wears exclusively black everything, including nail polish and lipstick, and is covering herself with tattoos. She is not likely to be happy with a soft pink and lace knee length dress with big bows. In fact, it's likely to be added to the ever growing list of proof that you don't understand her and never will.

A poster or art print is an especially appropriate gift for the new college student or graduate, moving into a new place, fixing it up in their image of "home." But there are plenty of other perfect posters places in lots of homes, and particularly in a house with a music room or a great stereo or audio visual space, some music art can be a perfect touch. Perhaps you have a bare spot or two yourself that could benefit from a little sprucing up?

Here's a collection of fun music posters in a variety of styles. And there were SO MANY more I'll have to follow up this post from time to time, because this barely scratches the surface. Or check it out for yourself. Clicking on any the pictures will take you to its page on Zazzle, and you have access to the whole global Zazzle marketplace from there.

Jazz duel posters
Jazz duel posters by Nekar_Xenos
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